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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

...Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Day....the "unofficial start of summer" with barbecues, gatherings, fireworks, parades, and swimming. Have a safe, fun day and take a moment to remember what it's all about.


  1. Hi Marti,

    I hope you had a nice Memorial Day. We visited the grave of my cousin who was killed in Viet Nam. Did you know anyone who didn't survive that terrible war?

    I'm writing because I just looked at that Simone's blog and I can't believe how immature her postings and comments are. It's called a blog to discuss Natalie Wood's death and all she posts are insults to you and Dennis, as if trying to impress that you and Dennis are jealous of RJ because your lives aren't as full, as if being a lousy actor and a public suspect in your wife's death is something to be jealous of. The photographs of Natalie she has up are beautiful (is there a bad photograph of Natalie ever?) but the only one labled gorgeous is one of Jill St. John.

    I'm not asking you to respond to this but if you haven't seen the other stupid blog, please know that we all know what a farce it is. We are behind you 100%. Thank you for your sanity.

    Kindly, GDM

  2. Anonymous,
    I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, thanks, and was heading toward the shore (Wildwood, NJ) if not for forecasted storms that never came. There's a new Vietnam Wall at Wildwood, smaller than the "The Wall" in DC, but it includes all names nonetheless, and many visited it this past weekend as it was finished just in time for Memorial Day. I'll get to see the new wall later this season.
    I was a young teenager when I attended one Nam funeral and I never knew Dennis's brother, Matthew, who was killed in the war, but I sure saw how the family missed him forever.

    I went to a barbecue/party Saturday at the beautiful home of nearby friends, and watched the local parade Monday morning (right down the street from my home), and now on Tuesday morning, am ready to get back to work, but I sure am looking forward to summer this year. We had the longest, hardest winter here in NJ, with more snow than any other winter season ever. I was talking about the snow at the barbecue Saturday and a man there who's visiting the U.S. from Austria laughed. According to him, we "don't know snow" but I still insisted, after dealing with over 7 feet of snow this past winter, I'm quite familiar with snow (lol).
    The 90 degree weather yesterday was hot but wonderful!

    I thank you for your support of GNGS and will continue to post updates and points of interest about Natalie's case.