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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Copyrighted Blog

Someone emailed me to ask if my blog is copyrighted. Indeed, it IS copyrighted. Of course, many bloggers use photos from the Internet, post links, etc, and that's generally considered acceptable or the copyright offices would go insane trying to follow who uses what. It's okay to "rewrite" or discuss a subject matter from a blog, but MANY blogs are copyrighted, just as most websites are. I use a service that instantly OFFICIALLY copyrights my every post. I won't get the notification for this particular post until after I post it, but here's the certification for one of my previous posts "Interesting Conversation with Dennis Davern" that was emailed to me immediately after my post (in case anyone questions my claim here). My posts are legally protected, and I would appreciate them not be copied and reposted elsewhere without my permission, which in most cases I will give. If I catch any of my posts copied and pasted elsewhere, all I need do is notifiy the service if I disapprove, and they let me know the information about the person reprinting my work.

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