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Saturday, October 1, 2011

San Francisco News on Natalie Wood Investigation

All of the indicated markings on these Natalie Wood Autopsy diagrams show how many bruises she had on her body after being pulled from the ocean on the morning of November 29, 1981 

San Francisco News Natalie Wood Investigation Shocker, Exclusive

I am so grateful for the attention Natalie Wood's case is receiving as we near the 30th anniversary of the day she was robbed of life.

I understand that journalists, after interviewing many people to cover a story fairly, MUST report what they are told, and Tommy Garrett is the epitome of integrity and slants nothing: he reports what he learns in an interview.

It is Roger Smith who didn't see the bruises, but the medical examiner sure did, and although I do not like posting the diagrams shown here, these are actual diagrams from Natalie's autopsy report. How anyone could have missed this many bruises is beyond me, and Dennis sure didn't miss them because the largest bruise was on Natalie's face... a large abrasion, and it was Dennis who identified Natalie. Dennis saw leg bruises, too, and those were the same bruises the coroner saw and reported on the autopsy.

I do not "suggest" ANYTHING in "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" -- if I couldn't verify it, or back it up, it didn't go into the book. Natalie had bruises all over her body and Dennis saw some of them, and the coroner documented them. That's accuracy, not "suggestion."

Roger Smith is one of the most honest men I've ever encountered, so I also believe that he may have been ignoring the many black and blue marks, and smaller bruises as he looked for more prominent type wounds, but because he didn't see the bruises does not mean they didn't exist. Roger Smith is as haunted by Natalie's death as anyone involved, and I respect that he is willing to talk about it. But, as for Natalie's bruising, the autopsy report says it all!

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