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Sunday, October 2, 2011

You can expect our 48 Hours interview to bring facts to the table

The Conch House Lounge is where I gave my interview Tuesday morning, Sept. 27th
 This is where I was interviewed for over two hours with the producer of the 48 Hours program. There is an outside pier and pavillion in the rear of the small place and that's where Dennis was interviewed for over two hours as well the next evening. We left nothing out. I know our interviews will be edited, but we covered the essentials of the investigation into Natalie's death, and Dennis told his entire account of Natalie's final weekend.

I was told that Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were approached and offered to include their accounts, but they, as expected, did not respond. Apparently, Walken's agent questioned why anyone would bother with a 30 year old case. I suppose he doesn't realize that the public always deserved so much more in regards to this quickly closed case that is clearly a case of "celebrity justice."

Years ago, Wagner had his daughter do a special on Natalie, and Gavin Lambert was behind a televised biography which ended with the theory that Natalie adjusted a banging dinghy and fell into the water. Those interviews were controlled by what Wagner approved of to be told, so whatever he did not want exposed or questioned was never told. I appreciate 48 Hours' interest in Natalie's 30 year old case.

As I said, we left nothing to the imagination in our important interviews. Even if only 10% makes it to air, that 10% will include the truth of what happened the night Natalie ended up in the ocean. We were asked a few hard questions, too, and we answered with our honest opinions.

There are others interested in the 30th anniversary as well. I will keep you posted.


  1. That Intimate Portrait segment was controlled by Robert Wagner. Katie Wagner said that her father went down to the stateroom to "kiss her goodnight". Wagner built a wall of lies around Natalie's death. Let's bring that wall down!

  2. Roz, if you had posted that line last week, I would've used it in the interview! That's exactly what Wagner did...inch by inch, he built his wall of lies, and the public, because Natalie's death was not investigated properly, slowly but surely started to believe his lies were the truth about what happened to Natalie. Took him 25 years to say he smashed a wine bottle, then lies and takes Natalie out of the scene. We covered that in the interview!

  3. I was just a teenager when I developed a "crush" on Robert Wagner, during "Hart to Hart." Initially, my sympathy was with him as I read the account of his lawyer.

    As time went on, I became enthralled with the story of Natalie. The puzzle of that night always seemed to have pieces missing.

    I went on to college and majored in journalism and English, and my first "investigative" work was with the final two days of her life.

    Unanswered questions abounded. Was Natalie really accustomed to taking the dingy out as Wagner's statement suggested? Was the witness on the other boat who reported someone calling for help ever interviewed? What was the nature of the argument that Nagouchi alluded to?

    Through the years, I would randomly visit websites about Natalie to see if new information was available. I read both major books about her, and more questions surfaced.

    But it was not until I read Wagner's, "Pieces of My Heart," that I got a sickening feeling. Much of the book was about his on-again/off-again relationship with Natalie — very little about their second marriage. Also, he did nothing to dispel the rumors about an affair between Natalie and Walken.

    The sickening feeling, though, came as I read his own account of sitting outside Warren Beatty's home with a gun. By his own admission, thoughts of killing someone had come to mind. At that point, I wondered how far would he go to not lose Natalie to another man?

    A few nights ago, I woke at 3 a.m. and grabbed my computer and without much thought googled Natalie's name. Your book was one of the top hits, and I downloaded the Kindle edition last night.


  4. You said it Reality Fan, very sick feelings, I couldn't read his book because just reading what he wrote in the begin of each capture made me sick, so it sit's getting dusty, maybe one day I can mail it to him at some jailhouse. Pam