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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tommy Garrett sees the important point....

Canyon News - Natalie Wood Autopsy Shocker, Exclusive

Tommy Garrett sees the importance of reopening Natalie Wood's death case. A more thorough investigation into how and why Natalie Wood had so many bruises on her body when found floating in the ocean may have eliminated the controversy that carries over to this day!

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  1. Dennis seems to be such an amazing, sensitive, person, and "naive"-in-an-endearing way; so genuinely caring towards his employers Wood and Wagner. I have a job (yoga teacher) that takes me into the hearts of my clients' homes' and families. It's very one-sided. You get to know them so well and they know very litle about you. So the closeness, however much they love and miss you, is still one-sided.
        I empathized so much with how Dennis felt love and responsibility for the Wood-Wagner family. Marti, as a close friend of his, did an amazing, loving expose of Dennis's character.
        One of the things that touched me the most in the book was that on that last weekend Natalie brought Dennis "an early Christmas gift"!... That MATCHED a gift she bought herself: the gold pieces of eight jewelry. And it was Dennis who was handed her jewelry after the ID of her body.
         Again, only an empathetic writer, could have conveyed this to the reader.  Thank you, Marti.