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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tommy Garrett is a journalist who cares about details that matter in Natalie Wood's death!


Canyon News - Natalie Wood Witness Polygraph, Exclusive

Tommy Garrett has taken a true interest in Natalie Wood's death case and presents IMPORTANT details that matter to the case in his article reports. In this day and age of quick visual teaser scenes on TV, and short, non-specific articles in popular magazines, Tommy Garrett remembers the significance of a series of articles, the only way to explain major convoluted stories that grow with rumor and innuendo over the years, and in Natalie's case, decades.

When we were interviewed for 48 Hours, the producer had first taken the time to read every article and book available on Natalie's life and death, and for that, I was so appreciative. She knew what she wanted to ask, and she knew why she wanted to ask her questions, which were pointed and consistent (for hours). I was astounded, and so impressed. When Dennis and I had been interviewed in the past, many times the interviewer hadn't even followed the important information connected to Natalie Wood and the circumstances surrounding her death.

Now, almost 30 years later, Natalie has caring people helping to give her a voice. I thank them.      

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