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Friday, October 14, 2011

Interesting conversation With Dennis Davern

Dennis and I were just talking on the phone about when he identified Natalie's body. I asked him if he remembers the blanket Roger Smith claims to have covered Natalie with. Dennis does not recall the blanket. He said there may have been a blanket over Natalie, but what he recalls is Natalie in her cotton nightgown, with shorter sleeves, and the red down jacket lying across her. He saw her arm, he saw her lower legs and saw her blue wool socks. He saw the abrasion on her face. When Dennis saw her, she was that much exposed and he is SURE of it. It took only moments.  

Dennis and I have no way to answer for anyone else who claims to know more about what Dennis saw than Dennis himself does, but Dennis is adamant that he saw several bruises and he described Natalie's nightgown as a "light colored cotton nightie with small flowers on it about the size of an eraser."

Sorry, but I think that's pretty good recall compared to someone who doesn't even remember Natalie's socks or over 25 bruises strewn across her body. I am simply making a point that people have their versions, their recall, and what one person does NOT notice, another may never forget it, especially in the type of hell Dennis was experiencing.

In another example of whose recall is accurate, Marilyn Wayne recalls a party on a boat moored near her boat and the Splendour. Dr. Lyndon Taylor was on his back deck from 10:30 PM to midnight and swears there were no parties on the beach or on any other nearby boat. These type of differences are things I cannot explain; these are the things I can only surmise about, and I believe Marilyn heard enough noise to believe there was a party, but I am as equally sure Dr. Lyndon Taylor is as accurate. These are snags, but snags that do not detract from Dennis's polygraphed account that Wagner was with his wife when she went missing, and these slight differences also enhance the need for a proper investigation into Natalie's death.

When Roger Smith arrived on the scene, Wagner told him he did not call for help because he figured Natalie was off fooling around somewhere, and he wanted to protect his image from bad publicity. This prompted Roger to coin his phrase: "So the rich must die to avoid bad publicity?" Roger's information never made it to the detectives, because the detectives ignored key witnesses, and I still hold fast that although Roger Smith doesn't remember things Dennis DOES remember, Roger Smith is definitely a crucial witness to Wagner's cavalier, snide attitude about a wife lost at sea.

Here's my summary: Roger Smith, Lana Wood, Marilyn Wayne, and Dennis Davern are ALL victims of the tragic Thanksgiving weekend of 1981. I respect each and every one of these victims who have suffered from another's evil intentions: Roger, Lana, Marilyn, and my friend Dennis are the victims, the messengers, and should never be used as the scapegoats for a deed they had nothing to do with.


  1. Very well put Marti. Thanks for keeping us posted and up to date. Thanks Pam

  2. Thanks, Pam. I stand by Dennis's recall. Someone in his shocking position that morning is unlikely to forget what he saw.

    When he last saw Natalie on the rear deck with Wagner, he had no way of knowing what her nightgown looked like. The only other time he saw her was when he identified her, and that's exactly when he saw the nightgown and socks, and remembers seeing several of her bruises. He didn't "count" the bruises per se, but remembers thinking one, two...there are many...and he thought about the argument in the stateroom which sounded like someone could've easily been getting bruised.

    Dennis and I have been honest about EVERYTHING to the best of our abilities, and we stand behind our words and information. Others can say whatever they want. Dennis was THERE...Dennis knows everything about that terrible weekend, and no, no one was drinking enough to forget the hellish weekend it truly was.

    They were accustomed to cocktails and dinner drinks when taking pleasure cruises. No one ever got "wasted" enough to not be in control of themselves....until that weekend Wagner lost it and smashed a wine bottle and then went to talk with Natalie, but she had every right to be furious and embarrassed with him. It's 100% logical that an argument would've transpired. And Dennis heard it happening. He says the screaming was so loud, you couldn't even make out the words, but he sure heard enough!

    It's only when truth rings so true that people who don't want to accept it start to downplay the severity of that weekend. Natalie did NOT have to die that weekend, and Dennis wanted to make sure that couldn't be happening, but it's also 100% logical he would never have suspected Wagner of having a different intention.

  3. Let me tell you from the moment I heard the New's on TV that morning that Natalie was dead I KNEW Wagner killed her and knowing what Dennis saw and heard and tells today is what I in vision happened on that fateful day. I just pray that Wagner fries. Thanks for keep me posted, I check through out the day everyday on your blog for any write ups. Pam

  4. Pam, I too hope they nail wagner (doesn't deserve a capital letter for his name) to the wall. What decent, human being would let something like this happen. He is a pussy of a man and I think he deserves death. He has been able to live this lie, to his own children. That appalls me. To me, he loved his "precious" LIFE, his "appearance" way more than he loved Natalie. What a pig.

    I support Marti and Dennis in every effort they make towards bringing the TRUTH to light. I'm so grateful for GNGS...you have no idea. This book has changed my life.

  5. "GNGS" changed my life, too, and I would imagine that it has changed the lives of a very large number of people who care about Natalie. I will never forget how I felt when reading that book or how I felt for a VERY long time afterward. I never had felt that way about someone I never knew.

    It was horrible and depressing to realize the truth of what happened to Natalie. But at the same time, I was grateful for knowing. I was also thankful for Dennis' clear description of the type of woman that Natalie was--it was proof of her goodness, making her loss even that much more heartbreaking.

    It is deeply appalling that someone could value his image over another person, let alone the woman that married him twice and had his daughter.

  6. Jules and Marianne,
    Thank you both so much for supporting the turth of Natalie's death. If it weren't for people like the two of you...well, it was often like being on a deserted Island to be truthful. I tried for so many years to get people to not be afraid of the truth, but there was always apprehension because it's the celebrity world out there that rules the world.

    Julie, I may be live on an upcoming show. I am going to wear the beautiful Natalie bracelet you hand made. I can't wait...it will give me strength. Thank you again.

    Marianne, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll be checking in on the petition today. More to come.