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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yesterday's Angel, Natalie Wood

In the summer of 2009, Lincoln Center in NY City paid a tribute to Natalie Wood, calling her "Yesterday's Angel." When I was in St. Augstine a few weeks ago interviewing for the upcoming 48 Hours November special, I saw this sculpture in the hotel window where I stayed. I took a picture of it because it reminded me of Natalie, of "Yesterday's Angel."

Natalie Wood was a godsend to many people in her life. She helped so many people, and was a kind and thoughtful person. Her death affected so many people near and far. Fans loved her for her heartfelt performances, and her family and friends loved her because she was an honest, no-nonsense, straightforward woman who CARED about people. She will always be remembered as "yesterday's angel" because she was such a genuine person.

Many people still care about Natalie, as it should be. Natalie deserves all of us who still care about her. I am proud to have attached truth to her legend, and make no mistake about it, Natalie Wood IS a legendary figure, no matter who tries to bury her name along with her. Natalie Wood was the spark of Hollywood for several decades. She was also the spark of life for so many who loved and cared about her.


  1. Beautifully said. Thank you, Pam

  2. I agree--that was beautifully written, Marti. And it is so true.

    In contrast, think of how Wagner has tried repeatedly to stifle mention of Natalie's talent and legend, how he's mumbled and stumbled in his "answers" to questions or mere mention of her. This is from her "grieving" widower.

    You SHOULD be proud, Marti. You have done an amazing thing in exposing the truth, and in doing so, you have affected many more people than you probably even realize.