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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tommy Garrett interviewed Marilyn Wayne - Canyon News Article

The beautiful Natalie Wood
Tommy Garrett interviewed Marilyn Wayne for his latest article in a series of Natalie Wood reports to lead up to the 30th anniversary of her tragic death on Thanksgiving Weekend 1981.

Marilyn will also appear on CBS's special segment of 48 Hours Mystery to air on Novemebr 26, 2001, on the Saturday night of this Thanksgiving weekend, the Saturday night 30 years ago Natalie went missing from the Splendour.

I appreciate Tommy Garrett's interest in the compelling tragic story of Natalie's death, and he is independently interviewing those of us who had submitted testimonial statements to LA County Sheriff's Department. We are looking forward to the results of the department's decision on those statements.

Soon, information will be revealed on the progress of the collaborative appeal to the LACSD to reopen Natalie's case. Here's the link to Tommy Garrett's latest article on his interview with Marilyn Wayne.

 Canyon News - 'I Heard Natalie Wood's Cries,' An Exclusive


  1. Marti, Thanks for the photo's. I just passed on GNGS paper back to my brother. He had a lot of questions, Itold him to just read the book, and afterwards there is a petition to be signed. He said we would argue over the details later. I'm sure there won't be much arguing after his read. Oh by the way he's a retired police sargent.

  2. Stay in touch Rich. Looking forward to what your brother will have to say, especially being a retired officer. Thanks.