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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tommy Garrett Interviews Roger Smith

Canyon News - Natalie Wood Investigation Shocker, Exclusive

I found Tommy Garrett's interview with Roger Smith extremely revealing. Seems Wagner was all over the place with excuses as to why he waited over 4 hours to contact professional help to assist in finding his missing wife. Roger also recalls Wagner telling him that Natalie told him she was going to untie the dinghy lines. Wouldn't that have been vital information for this case? Wagner told Rasure he "had no idea what happened to Natalie."  Wagner also told Roger she might have gone off to party on another boat. Seems Wagner was extremely nervous when Smith and the Avalon Deputy reached the scene.

But, Roger was never interviewed by the detectives! It's just another huge flaw in Natalie's case and proves how important it truly is to give the case another look. Seems a lot more might have been revealed to the authorities ON THE SCENE had they thought to talk to the people who could have given them vital information.

Roger had told me he did check Natalie's body for gunshot or stab wounds. I have no idea how he missed the numerous bruises that the coroner marked in her autopsy report. When Dennis identified Natalie, he saw the numerous bruises on her ankles and her facial abrasion, and he noticed a scratch. Natalie did have over 25 bruises indicated in her autopsy.


  1. So is Roger Smith saying you and Dennis "made up" the bruising that was on Natalie's body!? Mr. Smith also says that Dennis just looked at her face!, not seeing the bruises on her legs, etc. I don't get it. I don 't doubt you and Dennis at all, Marti, but is Roger Smith helping this case at all by saying negative things like that. Hmmmm?

  2. Julie,

    This is tough for me to answer because I have no clue how Roger missed the bruises, or no clue how he can answer for what Dennis saw or didn't see. I suppose this is how Natalie's death information becomes so complicated.

    Fact is, the first bruise Dennis saw was the large abrasion on Natalie's face that everyone knows existed. The facial abrasion has been written about over and over. But, Roger maybe missed all the medical examiner's reports and certain articles that concentrated on the bruises. He's remembering how he showed Natalie to Dennis, and not leaving room for Dennis's experience...Roger focuses on his own account, as most do in this case.

    I believe Roger was maybe so interested in looking for homicidal type wounds (stabs or gunshots) on Natalie's body that he possibly missed the many superficial bruises, but that certainly does not mean that Dennis missed them, and we all know the coroner didn't miss them. Each and every bruise was indicated on Natalie's autopsy body diagrams I've repeated here at the blog.

    Roger is a very honest man and probably could not, in good conscience, say he saw what he doesn't recall seeing, but what happens is that people become confused. So, although I wish Roger hadn't worded his quetioning of the bruising the way he did, it still remains a medically recorded FACT that Natalie had over 25 bruises on her body. Dennis saw several of them!

    One of the biggest debates in Natalie's case is HOW SHE GOT THE BRUISES. Tommy Garrett is going to clarify the medical record of the bruising in his next article. Journalist Tommy Garrett is going to follow the case up until the 30th anniversary of Natalie's death. I appreciate Tommy's NEED to stick with journalistic integrity, and to report what those he interviews tells him.

    There are several things about the night Natalie died that people debate over. Marilyn Wayne, for instance, claims a party was occurring on a nearby boat. Dr. Lyndon Taylor swears there was no party happening on any nearby boat, nor on the beach. People recall what they recall, and I have NEVER went the route of trying to persuade people from changing their personal accounts.

    What I do know is that Dennis's account is substantiated by every piece of factual evidence in Natalie's case, and also by his polygraph test.

    All of the varied information is exactly WHY we need the authorities to sort through it all. I really hope that happens!

    Please know that Roger Smith is one of the most honest and genuine persons I've ever encountered. He simply does not recall seeing the bruises we all know existed.

  3. Thank you Marti for your comments. That's why this case is such a crime...a crime OUTSIDE of the death of Natalie Wood. I'm so glad this case has gotten this far, and as we all know, it has been buried for many years. I for one, will be watching the CBS show and I am reading your blog daily. I want justice for Natalie. Your book so touched me and changed my life. It's almost like a MISSION for me now. I've told every one I can about GOODBYE NATALIE, GOODBYE SPLENDOUR and will continue to do so as the case "heats" up. This just isn't right and I pray to God that RW HAS to get on the stand and FINALLY tell what he knows....if we can get the truth out of him, that is. Love you Marti!