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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

People DO still care about Natalie!

Tommy Garrett emailed to inform me that his online articles on Natalie have received millions of hits, and of 11,000 (11 THOUSAND!) emails received about the articles, only 2 (TWO!) of them were negative - from Wagner fans!!!  Jacksonville TV News is  interested in interviewing Dennis this week, TV Guide has expressed interest in the articles, and AOL is picking up Tommy's informative, honest, and caring articles, as well as many other media outlets. Natalie, 30 years later, is being heard loud and clear! Thirty years later, she still deserves it!


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  2. I do still care about Natalie. She may deserves it. I was thinking about her all the time while I was in the secondary school everyday but I don't know why I always does. I'm sure that Natalie's fans are care about her. I was the fan of her since I was only nine while I was watching her biography on television but now I was thirteen and still remembered her. I never knew that she died young in 1981 from tragic accident and think if RJ murdered her. Glad the fans of Natalie's still remember her :) I miss her very much and always look at the pictures of her to makes me sad.

  3. Thanks to you and Dennis for bring all of this to light Marti, you are making things happen. I like reading your post from Tommy, I have the dates down so I will been in front of my TV and I'm getting tickets for West Side Story its play very close to my home. Thank you. Pam

  4. Marti, what will be the topic of the next article and when will it be ? Garrett is doing a fabulous job.
    I had to LOL that he recieved to 2 negative e-mails and those were from Wagner fans. How very typical.
    I think people are getting it, Marti.

  5. Alexis,
    Natalie was such a beautiful woman. I know everyone here still cares about her, but to hear that Tommy's articles are getting millions of hits is wonderful news. He covers a huge area of California with all of his publications. He's editor of several publications and his articles are widely reviewed and picked-up. AOL even featured his article. Someone from a news station in NY is contacting me as well, and Jacksonville News wants to interview Dennis.

    Dennis and I gave separate interviews for 48 Hours, and it worked out so well that way. We were interviewed for several hours each, but only minutes will appear. We gave honest answers so I have no worries about whoever else may be shown. When you've been honest, whatever anyone else has to say matters little.

    I searched for a link to where the movie is playing but couldn't find one with a complete list. I'm fairly confident it will play around here, being only an hour or so away from NY but I'm still searching as to where. I will definitely make a trip to the theater that day, too. I sure hope the theaters fill up. Can't wait to see the results of that. Hopefully, people will realize what an opportunity it is to view a such a classic as West Side Story in the movie theater. Natalie was the truest highlight of that movie, and why I believe it's one of the top classics of all time, yet she was overlooked for an Oscar when her voice could've been used. I was astounded at the quality of her singing in later outtakes. I'm so glad you're going to go see it, Pam. That's such a nice thing to do for Natalie.

  6. Roz,
    The one thing about Tommy Garret is that he is the most honest and credible journalist, and dedicated to his work. He likes to get things right. I have NO DOUBT he received that many emails. He would never exaggerate a number. To hear that the numbers are that lopsided (11,000 to TWO) does not amaze me.
    I KNOW, throughout all the years I've never stopped talking about what happened to Natalie, that people get it. I asked thousands of people myself over the years...even strangers -- and EVERY SINGLE ONE said they didn't believe the BS put out there about her death. It was always hard for me to bite my tongue. I wanted to scream out what I knew, and I've always known that the majority of people are astute enough to figure this one out on their own.

    Those who refuse to accept facts are those who choose to live in the dark.

  7. Marti, I don't see how anyone can miss it. Wagner's followers live in the world of denial but anyone with an ounce of objectivity can see, at the very least, that the story Wagner originally told was not credible, neither was the story he told to Gavin Lambert, neither was the story he told in his book. Three different versions. How can anyone not see that he is lying.
    Thank you for giving us the facts and giving Natalie a voice.

  8. Roz,
    Forgot to answer your question about the next Garrett article. He said he wants to ask me questions about GNGS, so I'm hoping it will be about the ultimate reason for GNGS. I really appreciate and am grateful for his genuine interest in Natalie. He said he has always been a fan, and thought a lot about GNGS after reading it. Being this is 30 years away from that tragic night, he wanted to do something right for Natalie, and he told me there was only one person in his mind to go to, and that was me. Now, that's someone who really gets it. I don't claim to know everything about this case as new things continue to stun me as the years pass, but I sure gave it my all to substantiate all I did learn in the process. Tommy Garrett's so in tune with all the aspects of the story, and offered to follow-up with the authorities. It sometimes almost feels as if Natalie willed this herself.

  9. Roz, yes, Wagner's versions don't add up to the word TRUTH at all - by any stretch of the imagination. He kept trying to clean-up behind some mindless things he has said in the past. When Dennis first did an interview in the 80's Wagner addressed the bottle smashing by saying "I can't believe some of the things being said!" He tried to make Dennis look like a liar, then realized, with the evidence of the broken glass, and another witness having seen the smashing, it might be best to own up to it, so in Lambert's book he admits it. Then in his book he says Natalie wasn't present for it. Maybe he made some pact with Walken.

    FACT IS: he smashed the bottle, it shattered all over the main salon, and glass was flying in faces.... he accused Walken of wanting to have sex with Natalie, and then he followed Natalie into the master stateroom and fought what sounded like a bloody war with her.

    Then, Natalie is gone forever? Anyone can do this elementary math.

  10. and Garrett is obviously open minded about the book. As I recall he did not love it after the first read but cared enough to give it a second read to remain open to the fact that in the pages of GNGS lies the truth, whether the reader likes it or not!

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  12. Sorry misspelled, I went to TCM they have the information/link for theaters where west side story will be playing. http://www.tcm.com/

    Thanks, Pam

  13. Roz,
    Tommy had heard it all before GNGS was published, so to him, there was really nothing new...he had already figured it out. Then he realized that because he knows inside information, that doesn't necessarily mean that other readers do. He realized how powerful Dennis's account really is. He believes Dennis's story because everything he has heard is pretty much validated by Dennis's account. Tommy and I have both heard things we wish we could talk about but I appreciate that he is like me: we don't want to say things we can't substantiate. When it came to Roger Smith, Tommy printed Roger's actual words because that's what a fair journalist does, but we all know how bruised-up Natalie was. Bruising doesn't appear hours after death. Those bruises were there when she was found. Maybe Roger overlooked them because he was looking for more prominent wounds, but I don't even know if Roger saw the prominent facial abrasion, which shocked Dennis because Natalie sure didn't have it when the bottle was smashed. Some people have tried to say that facial bruise came from her bumping into a pole at the restaurant that night: but she did NOT have the facial abrasion when sitting in the main salon!

    Natalie's arm was not covered...Dennis saw bruises on it. There's no way Roger could know whether or not that disposable blanket moved or pulled off a portion of Natalie's body. No one can answer for what someone else saw. Dennis described Natalie's socks to me in detail...Roger doesn't even remember her wearing socks. Believe me, no one put socks on Natalie before she was delivered to the coroner, and she was wearing socks when she arrived to be examined. When Dennis saw her socks, he saw the bruises on her legs...several of them. We do not try to say what Roger saw or didn't see, and feel he shouldn't claim what someone else saw or didn't see. Roger signed a statement for the sheriff's department, and I'm confident he believes Natalie's case needs to be re-investigated. I have his statement, and he was honest about our differences, but definitely feels an investigation is in order.

    Roger is another victim of this tragedy. He can't quite grasp that Wagner was "the boss" -- Dennis was a "boat-operator captain" -- not one who could call the shots. Wagner called the shots. The proof of that is the fact that Wagner demanded to wait to call for help, leading Dennis to believe Natalie would return soon. Yes, Dennis regrets believing the man he thought he could trust, but many people were manipulated in this case.
    As for Natalie's bruises, well you can't "forge" an autopsy report...and the proof of the bruising is quite apparent. Everyone talked about her bruising...it's how and why the old absurd "banging dinghy" theory came into fabrication.

  14. By the way, everyone, I'm sorry I've been absent for a while. I, of course, took the trip to Florida in the middle of my busiest season which is September until Thanksgiving, and there are numerous deadlines to meet during these months, and I got behind with a pile of work, but have a few down weeks now until November, and will concentrate on getting some information or feedback in regards to the petition. I will keep everyone posted. And, if anyone has any questions, I will answer as promptly as possible. I will also post a synopsis of what was submitted with the petition. Thanks.

  15. This is great news, Marti! It seems like people's exposure to the truth is growing by leaps and bounds now. Wagner's little brigade (and Wagner himself) can't stop it. I would imagine he's getting more and more nervous up there in Aspen.

    It's ironic that a writer named Tommy is helping expose the truth, since a lot of us have speculated on how if Natalie's writer friend, Tommy Thompson, had lived, he would've helped illuminate what really happened. He didn't believe the official version, either, and he was heartbroken by her death. Another Tommy to help our cause--how wonderful! Thank you, Tommy Garrett!

  16. Marti, this is fantastic! I'm so thrilled to know just how many people still care about Natalie and want justice for her. Wagner fans may think they're the majority, but it's nice to know that they are not. I'm glad to see that people are seeing through Wagner's lies and omissions. Hopefully he will be publicly exposed and will have to answer for what he did.

    And thanks to Dennis and Tommy as well!


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  18. have my own blog and wrote my opinions on the four major books about Natalie, and I saved the best for last, of course - GNGS.


  19. Hi Marianne,

    Yes, I'm thrilled with Tommy Garrett's wonderful articles. He's got a beam on Natalie's case like no other journalist I've ever worked with. He takes pride in his work and is not ashamed to stand up for Natalie. Many in the industry are complimenting him, including publications like the LA Times, and TV Guide. Who knows, maybe one day they won't be reluctant to deal with the facts as well.

    Dennis really admired Tommy Thompson and said he truly respected Natalie. ANd now there is another Tommy (Garrett) who respects her as well. I couldn't be more pleased.

  20. Muirmaiden,

    Just looked at your blog. Thanks for caring about Natalie and thank you for mentioning GNGS. I have an opportunity this week to talk about GNGS and I have some important things to say about it. It's an important book I will always be proud of.

  21. Muirmaiden,

    I just took the time to read your reviews of all the Natalie books (at your blog, which I also followed) and you really have a grasp of Natalie's life and tragic death. Thank you for your astute review of GNGS. This week, I am answering questions about GNGS and it's readers like yourself that help me to know I have every right and reason to stand behind my decades of work and involvement on GNGS. If you don't mind, I am going to post you blog link for other readers. Thank you again, Marti

  22. That's great to hear that! I hope I will get GNGS as soon as possible but not sure. I'm glad that NY and Jacksonville news wants to interview you and Dennis. :)

  23. Thank you Marti, it means a lot that you like my reviews. Feel free to post the link to my blog, I'm honored that you want to share it with others. And thank you for following my blog. I write about many things, mostly vintage Hollywood stuff and books. But Natalie is a great favorite of mine, and I knew I had to do a post for her. If it hadn't been for GNGS, so many doors would still be closed, and Wagner's "version" of events would remain unquestioned. You and Dennis, and now Tommy are working very hard to bring public awareness and it has paid off since it's clear that many people do want the truth and want justice for Natalie. Thank you again for all your hard work. Natalie would be proud.

  24. Muirmaiden, great blog! It's sites like your blog that keep Natalie's memory alive on all levels.

  25. Hi, Marti:

    Tommy Garrett's work was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times? Do you know what date? I read that paper nearly every day (the hard copy), but I must've missed the mention. I am still surprised and disappointed that the Times hasn't reviewed "GNGS." Maybe they've also been scared off by Wagner's lawyers.

    Finally, more people will learn what really happened. As Wagner likes to put it euphemistically, it was the "night that she left us." Well, yes, she was leaving HIM. He does throw a kernel of truth in there every now and then. He makes me ill.