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Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've been talking with the person who made the Splendour coffee table that RJ smashed the wine bottle on. His name is Basil and he is older than RJ. He's a really nice man with many fine memories of the Wagner family. He sent me this photo of the Splendour coffee table he took after he made it, and something of interest he told me is that RJ called him to ask him to repair the table after the weekend Natalie died. Basil never got the table back. Dennis had already asked RJ for the table and RJ gave it to Dennis instead. 


  1. OMG, he wanted that table repaired to cover up the bottle breaking. Who would even think of a dent on a table at that time, a time when he was supposedly grieving about his wife's death? I'm sure he never dreamed that this man would reveal that he called him and asked him to repair the table that he damaged when he smashed a bottle on a table in a drunken rage the night that Natalie died.

  2. Roz, I have to agree. He wanted the dent in that table fixed and fixed fast. There was obvious evidence of how terribly hard he brought that wine bottle down on the table.... the damage showed the violent force of the act!